Now that 2020 is finally over hopefully we can all look forward to better things in 2021. There hasn't been a year in recent history more hated and despised than 2020 and most people were more than ready to kick off the new year, myself included. Last year was one of the worst in modern history, even so a lot of you kept your promises and resolutions throughout 2020 despite all that was going on. 

According to a new survey an incredible 26% of people kept there New Years resolutions throughout 2020 and 48% kept most of there resolutions. That's no small feat considering how bad 2020 was and how easy it would have been to just give up. With the COVID-19 pandemic and all the shutdowns, quarantining and the almost total lack of normalcy it was beyond difficult to remain disciplined. Especially it your resolution centered around losing weight or eating healthier. Or worse quit smoking, drinking or some other vice.

The most popular resolutions include saving money, spending more time with family and friends, losing weight, quitting smoking and/or drinking, eating healthier, getting in shape, finishing a project and the list goes on and on. Maybe one of these is your resolution for 2021. If so I wish you the very best of luck.

This year has to be better than 2020 if even a little. Sure there's still a lot of work to do as far as COVID-19 and all the other challenges we're facing, but even with that I think this year will be much better. So did you make any New Years resolutions for 2021? Take the poll below and let us know and Happy New Year!


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