Yes, it's true that Carl Perkins wrote the song that is our KLAW Classic for today.  'Daddy Sang Bass', was a song inspired though, by Perkins longtime friend, Johnny Cash Cash mentions in his book The Man in Black, that Perkins was an alcoholic, and with his own experience with drug addiction, and faith in God, he was able to conquer that addiction.  Cash shared that experience with Perkins and feeling inspired, he penned this song.

June Carter Cash (Johnny's wife) lends her voice to the song on the 'Momma sang Tenor' part, and the Statler Brothers (yes, those Statler Brothers) sang, "Me and Little Brother would join right in there" line of the song.  That line was written for Cash's brother, Jack who passed away when they were still young.

The song reminds us all of simpler times, of sing-alongs in the evenings at home.  Take a listen, and see if you don't tap your foot along with this 61st Country Chart entry for Johnny Cash.

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