A love letter Johnny Cash wrote to June Carter Cash back in 1994 has been voted the Greatest Love Letter of All Time by a British survey.Cash's letter beat out letters written by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to his wife, poet John Keats (writing to his next door neighbor), musician Jimi Hendrix (to a mystery woman he calls his "little girl") and twice-married actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Cash, who had been married to June for 26 years at the time, wrote:


According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, the poll was commissioned by British life insurance company Beagle Street, in an effort to encourage Brits to be more romantic on Valentine's Day. The poll also revealed that 38 percent of women admitted they had never written a love letter, while 24 percent of men said they had sent a love letter within the last year.

Also on the list: correspondence from President Gerald Ford to his wife Betty, after she was diagnosed with cancer; a note from Beethoven to his mysterious "Immortal Beloved"; and a letter written in 1527 from King Henry VIII to his second wife Anne Boleyn — whom he later had beheaded.

Nobody said love was perfect.


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