Need homework help? Back in the 'olden days' kids had two resources: their textbook and mom or dad. Now kids can turn to smartphones for homework assistance; provided mom and dad aren’t afraid to break out a credit card.

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    Snap a pic of your math or science question. A GotIt Expert reviews your question and starts helping instantly.

    Get the app here: (only available on iTunes)

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    Take pictures of typed equations and this app outputs a step-by-step solution.

    Get the app here: (available for all operating systems).

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    A tutoring service that allows students to take send pictures of their homework to tutors, who will then respond within minutes with a step-by-step solution. There’s even an option to expedite the answers if a student is in a hurry.

    Get the app here: (available for iOS and Android)

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    Slader is a crowdsourcing app for high school and college students to post and answer questions in math and science. While students can post original homework for help, many questions in popular textbooks have already been answered on the app.

    Get the app here: (only available for iOS)

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