The Hiccups can be super annoying, especially to a radio personality like myself.  It seems that almost everyone has a solution on how to stop them.  I’ve tried them all, like holding your breath, chewing gum, and even drinking water upside down.  Unfortunately, none of these wacky solutions seem to work.  Well, it looks like a doctor, right here in Texas may have the answer, to end the hiccups once and for all.

Last week, Dr. Ali Seifi, who is a neurointensivist at UT Health San Antonio, went on TV to pitch his solution to Mark Cuban, and the other sharks on the hit reality show Shark Tank.   Now, while you can already buy this product online at Amazon, Dr. Seifi is looking for the sharks to invest in Hiccaway, so he get it on the shelves in every grocery store, and drug store across America.

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Hiccaway is an L-shaped, straw like device, that you sip water out of to end the hiccups.  Even though it sounds simple, the science behind the product is a little more complicated.  The Hiccaway website states that instead of drinking the water though the straw like you normally would, you “forcibly sip water from the mouth piece, and immediately swallow it all in one breath”.  Apparently, this method of sipping water, lowers your diaphragm and closes your epiglottis, which allows your brain to reset, and stop the hiccups.

While I’m skeptical on whether this product will stop the hiccups, or not, I’ll trust Dr. Seri’s, product over any other method that I’ve tried so far.

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