While it's probably more or less just a narcissistic cry for attention, my social media feed has been full of people asking "Who's phone number is this?" today. As if you're called by more than one or two strange phone numbers weekly anyway. Skip the questions, odds are it's just another scam call.

While the US government is continually tracking down and trying to end robo-dialing scammers these days, there is no shortage of people trying to fake you out of a few dollars. While my personal scam calls were somewhat light in the last part of 2021, they sure have picked up with the tax swing here in 2022.

I especially love the idiocy when the caller mixes two competitors together as one united company - "Hello, I'm from Visa-Mastercard and I can lower your interest rate." It's on par with someone calling to say "Hello, I'm from GMFord, I'd like to talk to you about a new F-Ram Duramax edition..."

While it's always polite to answer, because maybe it's Ed McMahon with a million dollars for ou, it's always best to ignore. You don't have to block the number just in case it's a legit call, but if you ignore long enough, whoever is trying to get a hold of you eventually will through a different method. I used to screen through voicemail, but voicemail is for Boomers these days. You just have to remember that it's 2022 and if it's important, they'll either text or email you the important stuff. Everything else gets labeled as spam, ignore, etc...

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