As I was driving down our country road today I could hear machinery running. I knew what it was; swathers and balers. They weren't cutting grass for hay (which we should be doing about this time of year). They were cutting the wheat and bailing it. There is nothing to harvest.

Oklahoma wheat farmers are expecting the worst harvest in decades as drought and heat continue to wither the crop. A couple years ago David and I culled our cattle herd down to about half. Every time David would pull down the driveway with more cattle I would stand near the gate and literally cry. I hated to see them go but we couldn't feed them. There was no hay.

We began building our herd back up last year. We had some good grass and thought we had turned the corner. We had a good spring and fall calving season and decided to keep some of the heifers to build our herd back up. Now we may have to sell some of the older cattle off again because we have no grass for hay.

We love our life with our cattle. We aren't getting rich off of it but we enjoy it none-the-less. I don't know what will happen in the future. No one can predict that. I do know that we need some rain and I don't mean a sprinkle here and there. We need a pond filling, toad strangling, good old fashioned down pour!