Eric Paslay is mourning the loss of his grandfather. Cecil Paslay died on Saturday (Sept. 2), according to an Instagram post from Eric Paslay; he was 90 years old.

According to Paslay's Instagram post, Cecil Paslay was a high school football referee and a 30-plus employee of Goodyear. He also once worked the lights at a Willie Nelson concert, according to Paslay's post, though the singer doesn't give further details about that experience.

"He was one of my first fans, so much so that he would buy 10 CDs at a show and try to hide them acting like he [bought] 1!" Paslay writes. "I will miss my grandpa, but I know we will meet again because of the grace and love of Jesus ... I wouldn't be who I am today with[out] him."

Career-wise, Paslay recently released an EP, The Work Tapes, containing the "work tape" versions of five songs. Paslay’s co-writers on the five The Work Tapes EP tracks include Big Kenny, Dean Alexander, Rose Falcon and more; song titles include “Amarillo Rain,” “Back Home to You” and others.

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