Eric Paslay's new single "Young Forever" finds him aiming at a larger target after an affair with Vegas-inspired blues and pop. The nostalgic boys song is reminiscent of his biggest radio hit, "Friday Night" from 2013.

The song is a more mainstream expression of youth gone wild performed with the conviction that only someone far enough away from adolescence can muster. A little bittersweet seeps into this story of juvenile confidence, the kind of bittersweet that bubbles up when you realize the realities of life don't — and won't — match the idealized version that once fueled the raw fire of teen angst and whimsy.

Each verse is short and universal, punctuated by "whoa!" or "yeah" before the song rolls effortlessly into a big chorus. Paslay, Morgan Evans and Chris DeStefano took few chances on this comeback record. He could be playing it safe after getting burned by releasing the too edgy for country radio "High Class." But then again, his greatest song to date (the ACM-nominated "She Don't Love You") was equally risky. 

Did You Know?: Paslay has two career Grammy nominations, but neither is for a song he released.

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Eric Paslay's "Young Forever" Lyrics:

Do you remember when we were younger / We were hometown, back fence jumpers / Free as an endless summer / Whoa

Kings and queens and make believe / We didn’t need no cash, didn’t need no gasoline / So much faith we could walk on water / Yeah

We were on top of the world / Shooting stars, lighting up the boulevard / Proud small town boys and girls / Wide open roads and unbroken hearts / If I had one wish, yeah / If I had one wish, oh / If I had one wish / We’d be together, young forever / Young forever, oh yeah

Do you remember believing in magic / Taking a chance just cuz we had it / Kinda crazy when you look back at it / Whoa

Oh, and that first time feeling / Of that first time falling / Oh, I remember everything

Do you remember when we were younger / So much faith we could walk on water, whoa

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