When one of your earliest hit songs becomes a popular social media trend, you just have to try it out yourselves, right Brooks & Dunn?

Popularized on TikTok, the "Neon Moon" dance is based off the duo's classic country hit, but spiced up with a more electric sounding remix. Specifically, the dance was built around the lyrics: "When the sun goes down on my side of town/ That lonesome feeling comes to my door / And the whole world turns blue."

Although their dance moves might not exactly match the trend, Brooks & Dunn have thrown their cowboy hats into the ring. Watch:

For their version, the video opens with Brooks & Dunn standing backstage right before they are about to put on a show. With guitars already strapped on and even a red Solo cup in Brooks' hand, the country legends bust out a couple of the popular dance moves before opting to play a few notes instead.

Brooks & Dunn captioned the video by acknowledging all the versions they have seen so far and encouraging even more with, "It’s crazy cool to see all your videos, keep ‘em coming!"

"Neon Moon" was originally included on Brooks & Dunn's 1991 debut album, Brand New Man. Now certified six-times Platinum, the hit project features 10 songs co-written by Brooks or Dunn, or both, and hit the Top 5 on the country albums chart. Four of its five singles — including "Neon Moon" — all hit No. 1.

Since sharing the video to their official account, it has been viewed close to eight million times and earned nearly a million likes. You can follow the Brooks & Dunn TikTok account here.

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