When my family first moved to Oklahoma, way back in the 19's, one of the very first things I remember of Lawton, Oklahoma is the Lawton Speedway.

My dad who retired from Fort Sill in 1972, was an excellent mechanic until the day he died, and he loved all things cars.  He especially loved the Lawton Speedway. What's not to love?  Cars, plenty of excitement, and of course the tinkering of mechanics at every pit.

Dad enjoyed the races so much, that he got his own car.  Man, he loved that car.  In fact, because racing is such a family sport, my brother actually raced too.  Still looking for a picture of him and his car.

My daddy's favorite driver at the Lawton Speedway was without a doubt, A. J. Little, a multiple year track Champion.  His sons, grandson, and great-grandsons have all inherited the love of racing.  Current Limited Modified Track Champion, Shane Little is the Grandson of A. J. Little, and his son, A. J. started racing this year in the newest division at the track, Tuners.  A. J. is the great-grandson of A. J. Little.

My Husband, James raced, now his son races, and for awhile, his grandson raced. This isn't a story just related to my family, it's a story told thousands of times by racers and fans of the Lawton Speedway.

Lawton Speedway Vintage Race

This Saturday night will honor those racers that have come before us, with cars on display for pictures and autographs.  They will even have Vintage hot laps!  It's all part of the two night Winter Nationals, Lanny Edwards Memorial Vintage Race Event at the Lawton Speedway.  Cars will be on display starting at 5:30pm.

To know where the future is going, you really have to look at the past.  That's why we are taking our two grandsons to the track.  To see cars from the '19's', and to watch racing legends in the making.

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