Some Midwestern states woke up this morning to torn up property and mass ciaos in their towns. 15 confirmed tornadoes touched down across Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana overnight according to the National Weather Service.


Tornado-like storms swept through the Midwest and now they are recovering from a wall of tornadoes that blew through at least five states, causing extensive damage and killing at least one person in Missouri and numerous more deaths in Illinois. Before I moved to Lawton, OK I lived in Springfield, Missouri which is about 35 miles North of Branson, Missouri. Branson is believe it or not one of the top five bus destinations for tourists in the U. S., and today there are digging though some of the most beloved attractions in Branson trying to salvage what can be saved and repair what has been broken.

After reaching out to a few friends of mine in the area they reported back to me that it is now believed to have been an F2 Tornado that hit the Branson area during the early morning hours today. Although some businesses, most of which are being featured in the national and other media outlets, were damaged, the vast majority of Branson’s attractions and shows received minimal if any damage and will be open for business as soon as Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service, the reported tornado in Branso brought winds reaching 130 mph, the service is also reporting that the tornado reached 400 yards wide and stayed on the ground for 20 minutes.The tornado smashed at least seven miles of the city's commercial strip.

Media outlets are reporting that 33 people were injuries, no no one was severely hurt. However the damages caused to the city are estimated in the tens of millions according to the Gov. Jay Nixon.

Watch the video, courtesy of KSPR in Springfield, Missouri showing the damage caused by the tornado.

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