Brigitte Gabriel’s Act 4 America site is sharing a report from KMOV / News 4 in St. Louis about an attempt on the part of two soldiers to solicit a 12 year-old child for sexual favors.

The two have been identified as 34 year-old Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh and 31 year-old Antoine Clela.  Military and police officials will not say exactly what country they are from.  According to Pulaski County Sheriff Ron Long, the suspects are being are being held in isolation 'for their own protection'.

Long states-

"There is no diplomatic immunity, they are guests and if they were diplomats it would be different, but they're here on a training mission so we treat them like any other citizen charged with a crime,"

Each suspect is held under a $200,000 bond, but that might not keep them locked up for long.  Officials do fear that the pair’s home country could front the bail money and the two would never be seen again.  See the KMOV video below.

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