Man's Best Friend Dog Training, in conjunction with Rainbow Bridge Can Wait Animal Rescue is bringing the Companions for Warriors Project to Southwest Oklahoma. The project, designed to pair local soldiers suffering from anxiety and PTSD, with dogs that have been trained as service dogs.

Local animal trainer Stephenson Gourge originally went to Rainbow Bridge looking for dogs to train for the purpose. After a successful pairing with the first soldier and a dog many had given up hope for, they two groups decided to form the partnership. The pairing involved a dog named Scarlett, who had been returned to Rainbow Bridge  repeatedly after being adopted.

The rescue knew Scarlett was an adoptable pet, but that she just had not been paired with the right adopter or the right purpose. The is a familiar story with many dogs that succeed as service pets; the dogs need the soldiers as much as the soldiers need the dogs. Scarlett is now just a few weeks away from certification to become a service dog.

Service Dogs Aid War Veterans Upon Return To U.S.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Every dog in the program is donated by the Rainbow Bridge Can Wait Animal Rescue, and the training is free; the soldiers don't spend a dime in getting their companion. The Companions for Warriors Projects has dogs ready to be matched up with soldiers, and they are currently searching for soldiers to benefit from the companionship of a trained service dog through this program. Any soldiers looking to be involved, or if you know a soldier that would be benefitted, call Man's Best Friend Dog Training at 501-765-0097.

To offset fees normally required to adopt a dog, the Companions for Warriors Project has started to accept donations specifically for the project. To donate, you can donate via PayPal, using the email address at, or in person at any of their adoption events.

source: KSWO news

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