Leah Gibbs was so impressed with Adam Minton’s Facebook profile that she agreed to go on a date with the man she knew just through the social networking site.

The 23-year-old Australian woman probably realized this wasn’t going to be a traditional date when Minton kicked it off by asking her to drive him to a betting parlor and then wait in the car while he presumably made a wager.

If only. Instead, Minton emerged from the parlor with a knife and a bag of money. “Drive, drive,” he demanded.

They made it back to Minton’s house but the police soon arrived and arrested them both. Gibbs spent the evening in a jail cell, only to be released the next day, when Minton admitted she was a completely unwitting participant in the crime.

“It was the date from hell,” Gibbs explained.

[via News.com.au]