Ohhh bachelorette parties. Super fun, (can be) super crazy, and also a super good time to show off your style! I am headed to Dallas for a Bachelorette Party this weekend and I am very excited about the whole thing. I love girl time in all of its forms, especially girl time that gives me a reason to dress up!

Here is an outfit similar to the one I plan on wearing for the festivities.

  1. Animal print dress- I love animal print all the time, but such a festive occasion seems like an especially good time to bust it out. Dress. And please, ladies. No white! I am old fashioned like that. Only the bride gets that color at any wedding festivity, ok?
  2. Turquoise/red is one of my all time fav combos. Often, I will pair my red clutch with some type of turquoise jewelry. Always love the added punch it gives to any outfit. Clutch. Earrings. I am part of the growing movement that states that animal print is a neutral- do you agree?!
  3. If you go wild with the clutch/jewelry, I would keep the shoes simple. Also, a wedge instead of a heel is a GREAT idea for a long night out on the town. Shoes.

When you are heading out with the gals- what do you wear?