Want to dabble in this season’s latest trends? Here are my fav 5 picks to get your wardrobe ready for spring!


Neon. Pleats. Pastels. Peplum. Pointed flats.

1. Neon - For those out there that are uber bold, you can definitely rock a full neon outfit. But for the rest of us, a pop of neon will do. I suggest a small satchel to add the right amount of fun to any outfit.
2. Pleats -  Embrace this trend by picking a skirt in a neutral color. This will ensure you can wear it in other seasons. I am all about getting the most bang for my wardrobe buck.
3.  Pastels - They are absolutely everywhere, and lots of gals lately have been rocking some pretty fun jean colors. This style can definitely be dressed down for running errands or dressed up for a night out.
4. Peplum – I suggest pairing a peplum top with either skinny jeans or a pencil skirt to maintain a slim looking figure. It’s all about proportions, people.

For a while it was all about the round toe, but, like my Mom always said “What’s old is new.” Sure wish I would have held onto all my shoes from circa 2004.

What trends are you loving this season?