Fall will be here before we know it, so don't wait until the last minute to update your fall closet - instead check out our fall 2012 trends and start shopping!


  1. Leather - Real or faux, do with this trend what you please. Leather jackets are fun, so are leather pants. But a leather skirt is a little bit more unexpected, and definitely gives this ‘hard’ trend more of a girly feel. If you can’t commit to a full on leather piece, just try a little leather detail- on a pocket, collar, etc. Skirt.
  2. Fall florals- Florals are usually seen in spring/summer, but why not wear them in the colder seasons too? Florals in darker colorways are so pretty! And can definitely add a new dimension to your fall closet.  Blazer.
  3. Baroque- romantic and girly, baroque patterns are a fun ‘in between’ of floral and geometric. (and super Blair Waldorf-esque, am I right?!)  Dress.
  4. Burgundy- Wine, merlot…. Call it what you will- this color is big for fall. Necklace.
  5. Cropped pants & geometric prints- These pants take care of two trends in one! An extension of the printed pant craze, both cropped pants and geometric prints are a great trend that can actually be worn to work! Pants.

Not digging any of the trends featured here? No worries! Next week, I’ll be back with more fall trends!