Who says it can't be done?!  With these crazy times we are facing with the Coronavirus-19 and the hit that it has taken on our wallets, many of us are searching for ways to save some money.  For some, that means bringing a sack lunch to work, but when you really just can't eat another Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich, you'd like to eat economically, right?

I've done some research and found some great quick lunches in Lawton that won't break the bank. I tried to take into consideration, different tastes and moods and appetites.

Take a look at my list. Do you have others that you can add? Just drop your pictures in the comments below!

5 Lunches under $5

All of the meals that I listed are without tax, so you may have to dig for some change, but base price less than 5 Bucks is really hard to beat.  The Jr. Strip Meal included a drink, so that was a bonus.

All of these restaurants have been affected by the Coronavirus Covid-19, but luckily, most were able to keep drive thru service open.  Restaurants in Lawton are opening back up with Social Distancing requirements, so we are encouraging you to shop, and eat local whenever you can.  I know that the restaurants and stores are grateful for your patronage.

We want to know where you find lunch under Five Dollars.  Comment below, or on our FaceBook post and let us know.  Our friends from Wayne's Drive Inn have donated a couple $5.00 Coupons for us to giveaway in a drawing of anyone that participates! Is anyone else hungry right now?

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