Leave it to the news and weather channels to seek out the dumbest people to help fill in their live reports. With hurricane Dorian coming to shore a Florida news channel hit the streets. More like trailer park, literally! They end up interviewing a local resident about the hurricane and it goes just like you'd figure...WTF!

It's not new, every tornado season in Oklahoma we have to endure the seemingly endless number of "It sounded like a freight train" people. It's like there's a competition between networks to find and interview the stupidest person possible. Well luckily this time it wasn't Oklahoma who provided such a person, this time it was Florida's turn!

What makes this even more tragically funny is the guy actually believes what he's saying. Worse I'm sure this guy is registered to vote, God help us! His ideal is to use the U.S. military to combat storms. Like it's effing Sharknado or something! His brilliant idea is to have the Navy dump ice in the ocean and use the Air Force to fly planes around it to help change the storm's direction!

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