Back in the day, just about every every elctronic device had a knob on it.

We even changed television channels by getting up and using knobs, which works better when you have only 4 channels instead of 400. Ford has learned the hard way that while their MyFord Touch stereo/climate control/infotainment system looks really cool, customers kind of hate it.

Sometimes you need to adjust the volume or change the radio station or turn on the defogger while you’re driving. Scrolling through touchscreens on a computer display is not an optimal way to do it.

So in a press release, Ford says: "Despite the overall success, Ford is listening to customer feedback to improve and evolve MyFord Touch." What does that mean? Knobs.

How do you feel about this? Are you used to touch screen and voice activation?  Would you rather have knobs on the radio or other instruments in the car?