We’ve all complained about Hollywood’s increasingly monochromatic color scale from time to time. It seems that no blockbuster franchise is immune to a post-production color correction that turns everything into the shame shades of dull and dingy. So while reactions to the new Ghostbusters movie were more than a little split  —  that seems like the charitable way to put it  —  I hope that most people could agree that the bright splashes of color in the new movie were a breath of fresh air for studio films. Fluorescent purples, yellow, and greens are a nice change of pace from browns, blacks, and… wait, did I mention browns already?

And now, thanks to Australian VFX company Iloura (via Collider), we can now get a look at the process that went into making the Ghostbusters movie such a colorful experience.

This particular VFX reel is a lot of fun to watch. While sometimes these presentations can be little more than a camera showing a graphic artist working with vectors on a computer, Iloura has edited together an upbeat video highlighting a few key scenes from the movie and the different layers that went into the final composite image on the screen. I’ll never get tired of watching talented graphic designers add those little extra touches and flairs that turn a good performance into real spectacle. The folks at Iloura should pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

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