Since announcing his Alzheimer’s diagnosis — and his impending retirement from music — a couple of months ago, Glen Campbell has been the focus of an outpouring of goodwill and concern from fans around the world.

But for now, at least, Campbell has yet to feel the effects of the incurable disease — which he discussed during a recent interview with ABC News.

The on-camera discussion, Campbell’s first TV interview since making his announcement, found the musical legend in good spirits. He even quipped, “I ain’t felt anything yet. When’s it gonna get here?”

Campbell also pointed out that he’s always been forgetful. “I am only what, 78?,” he asked during the interview, before being reminded by his wife that he’s 75. But as he demonstrated during the segment, he can still sing and play guitar. As his wife pointed out, “Music is good medicine.”

Campbell will spend the fall touring behind his next — and likely final — album, ‘Ghost on the Canvas,’ which is due for an August 30 release.

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