Lets face it. Everywhere you turn, people are telling you that you need to go green. Now I will not argue that we need to recycle.  I am not going 180 out and change the way I do it all. But I do agree on a few of these suggestions.   Dry Cleaning Bags: Use to pack suits, dresses and fine clothing when traveling, this will help protect it from wrinkles when packing.

Butter Wrappers: Once you’ve removed a block of butter from its wrapping, place the wrapping in a plastic container or bag and refrigerate. Use it to grease baking pans. I have done this a few times. It will also add extra flavor to whatever you are cooking or baking .

Business Cards: Use the other side to label storage boxes and tubs and tape to the outside of the lid or side so you can see at a glance what the container is holding. The blank side also makes for a great place to jot down notes and grocery lists. I have already done this to some of my storage totes in my garage.

Used Envelopes: These make excellent lists for groceries, To Do lists, bookmarks and labels. How many envelopes do you get each week? There are so many extra envelopes that are not needed if you pay on auto draft.

Tissue Boxes: Once they’re empty you can use these as a plastic bag dispenser, just fill with grocery bags and you’ll be able to neatly pull out one at a time. I also use one of the plastic bags as well for the extra storage. You can also use them as garbage can liners, paint tray covers and to wrap up paint roller for use another day.

Newspaper: Line kitty litter boxes for easy cleanup (top with kitty litter), protect work surfaces from crafts & interior paint jobs, giftwrap, use as packing material when moving or shipping.

I am sure that there are many others that I have not even touched on. What can you do to save the environment?


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