Good Morning America is making a stop in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Tuesday morning with meteorologist Ginger Zee. It's a part of their pop-ups that they've apparently been doing as they travel around the US to see and show others the country. Which is a cool thing. Honestly, how many times have you heard someone say Oklahoma was "just a flyover state" knowing full well this state is pretty diverse with hidden gems in every corner.

From the Wichita Mountains that you're familiar with to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area (formerly Platt National Park) in Sulpher. The trails and incredible scenery in the Southeast. The glossy mountains, salt plains, hill country, forests, swamps, mesas, etc... Oklahoma is the most ecologically diverse state in the country. If you also think it's just a nothing-to-do flyover state, odds are, you're just a boring person. Get out and travel the state. Almost everything is literally within three of four hours or so of Lawton. Black Mesa is quite the drive, but everyone says it's a worthwhile drive.

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