Singer-songwriter Melissa Plett has the honor of kicking off The Boot's Guest Room Sessions series in 2018. In this installment, she performs the title track of her newest studio album, Ghost Town.

For her Guest Room Sessions video, Plett chose an apt setting in which to perform "Ghost Town." She remembered the incredible acoustics of -- and a fitting legend about -- the Manitoba Legislative Building, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

"I was currently touring from Montreal, Quebec, west to the prairies of Canada, and I thought to shoot this video in my home province would be perfect," Plett, a native Canadian, tells The Boot. "But I wanted it to be somewhere extra special. That's when I remembered how amazing the acoustics sounded in the Manitoba Legislative Building when I was a child. Not to mention, the legislative building is rumored to have a ghost in it."

Guitarist Brian James joins Plett for this performance of "Ghost Town." Throughout "Ghost Town," Plett's haunting vocals fill the space with echoes, an effect she describes as "eerily perfect."

"Ghost Town" is a reflective and softly sad tune, released in September, around the anniversary of Plett's mother's death after a lengthy battle with brain cancer.

This month, Plett will kick off a tour of the United States and Canada, including stops in Montreal, New York City, Nashville and Atlanta. Visit to learn more about her.

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