I admit it...I am addicted to Pinterest. I pin recipes that I will never make; crafts that I will never make; home improvement projects I will never complete; wedding ideas and I've been married for ten years!

Well, it turns out that Pinterest is good for something other than bookmarking recipes and crafts you're never really going to make.  One resourceful boyfriend snuck onto the site and used his girlfriend's "Dream Wedding" pinboard to actually create her dream wedding!

It all started when Ryan Leak overheard his then-girlfriend Amanda Roman tell a friend that she wanted to get engaged and married on the same day. So, for the next year, Leak set out to make it happen. Using the 220 images on her Pinterest board, Leak chose the flowers, the decorations, and even Roman's dress.  In June, the couple flew from their home in Dallas to Miami (he told her they were helping a friend move), where Leak proposed and hours later, they got married.  About 100 of their friends and family members were there, and Leak even flew out Roman's hairstylist to do her hair.

Read more about him on our Tyler TX station website.  Thanks Allison.

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