There's a YouTube channel called Dad, How Do I? that helps teach life skills and other basic home and auto knowledge to kids and young adults who's parents are absent. This guy's doing the Lord's work. I was fortunate growing up to have both a mother and father in my life that taught valuable lessons and "how to" advise throughout my childhood and even into adulthood. Everyone's not so lucky.

This guy's channel has step by step instructions on everything from how to change a tire, basic home repairs, how to shave or tie a tie. As the channel says "Practical Dadvise for every day tasks." He has all kinds of useful tips and advise for those who may or may not have someone in their life to teach them these skills. It's easy to take this kind of knowledge for granted. I recently had an encounter with some younger adults and this became all too obvious, well at least it was when it was pointed out to me. At first I thought "Who doesn't know how to do this, or what self respecting man can't do this."   

I was driving down Cache Road and came across a car being pushed by several people and they were struggling.with it. I pulled over to lend a hand and saw that they had a flat tire. No biggie, I helped push the car into a parking lot and asked if they had a spare. Everyone looked at each other and at me with complete confusion. There were 2 guys, maybe 23 or 19 with their dates about the same age and none of them had any clue what I was talking about.

So I asked again and they said well we're not sure, maybe we should call someone or a tow truck. I smiled and asked if they wanted me to help them and they immediately said yes. So we located the spare and I began working to get it mounted on the car. There were questions galore and I could tell none of them had ever changed a tire or even been taught the basics. I spent about 15 minutes going over it all and each of them had a turn with the lug wrench and learned how to properly jack up a car. I made sure they were good to go and put everything back in the car. Then told them to make sure and get the tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible and not drive around too much on the spare.

After I left I kept thinking to myself "how the hell can you be 23 or 19 and not know how to change a tire." I don't care if you're a man or woman this is something every person should know how to do, or at least have a clue. Well I got home and told the story to my wife, who by the way is much, much smarter than me and she said "well they were never taught. These kids probably didn't have a dad or mom to show them how." Well that was a reality check and she was absolutely right. Either the parents weren't around or just never taught them.

I learned an important lesson not to judge others for what they don't know. I'm really lucky to have had others teach me these things, so in turn i should help and when needed teach others like I was. After all no one's born knowing anything...

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