Holiday State are helping their fans get away from all the stresses of the world in their new song, "Not Today." The song is set to drop on Friday (Aug. 13), but Taste of Country readers get to hear it a day early in this exclusive premiere.

The sibling trio consisting of Brandon, Brett and Bryan DeLaura hail from California. They blend country, pop, rock and R&B elements in their music, and "Not Today" juxtaposes banjo, electric guitars and an insistent beat with a melody that's straight-up pop and soul.

The lyrics address getting away from all of your cares to have a good time, even though in this instance, the narrator's list of woes includes getting evicted.

"Put your hands up / Drink out the bottle / One more shot / I'll see you tomorrow / Take those cares and make them all go away / We getting gassed up / We go full-throttle / No more thoughts / Take another double / The time's gonna come when we're slow and old and gray / But you know that's not today," they sing in the chorus.

Brandon DeLaura and Andria Farrell wrote "Not Today" in October of 2020, as parts of the pandemic restrictions were starting to slowly lift.

"We went for a sunset walk down by the marina and the weather was perfect," the members of Holiday State tell ToC. "We could see people hanging out on their boats, playing music, and we started talking about how we couldn’t wait to travel again, and how we wished we could hop on a boat and just escape."

"As we were walking back home, we started tossing out some ideas that would encompass everything we had been feeling and how being by the water helped us forget what had been going on in the world, even just for a minute. We know people have been through a lot, mentally and financially, so we wanted to write a song that could be the brain vacation we desperately needed. That we could bring everyone along on."

The circumstances of the song's conception were actually a far cry from its message.

"We wish we could say we wrote 'Not Today' while on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean, but we were standing in our kitchen jamming out writing about the things we wished we could be doing other than standing in the kitchen," the brothers admit.

Holiday State have been working on new music for a tentative fall release, and they're teasing a possible collaboration when they do some recording in Nashville coming up. They also have some live shows back on their schedule. For more information and to keep up with their career, visit Holiday State's official website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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