A Day from payday and I'm scrounging in the kitchen looking for something to eat. We've all been there, or you over bought a bunch of Ramen Noodles and are already sick of them and really don't want to eat the rest. Well fear not, this video has some great ideas or hacks to help take those regular old boring Ramen Noodles and turn them into an EPIC MEAL! Okay, maybe not EPIC uppercase, but definitely epic lowercase certainly.

With this video you can follow along and try out some new recipes or ideas that will make those Ramen Noodles a lot better. Let's face it no matter how good something is, eventually you get tired of it. When it comes to Ramen I have to say I'm more of a Cup O Noodles fan. It's basically the same thing, but comes in it's own serving cup and is easier to cook. Just microwave some water pour it in the cup, wait 3-5 minutes then eat.

Ramen or Cup O Noodles are a mainstay at the house, we're always in stock. I think the chicken is my favorite and goes well with sandwiches, crackers and just about anything else. The roasted chicken is even better, when you can find it. Sometimes you want quick and easy when it comes to lunch or dinner. Plus it's CHEAP. You could spend $5.00 to $10.00 on Ramen and be stocked for months. I have to say that after all these years I still like them.

With a few extra ingredients and some creativity you can really create some tasty dishes with Ramen Noodles. Or at the very least mask the flavor into something more palatable if you've been stuck eating them for awhile.

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