Ah, sweet Summer.  Or, nearly Summer, which in Oklahoma could be anywhere from the end of March all the way to early November!  Nothing says Summer like a huge bowl of delicious ice cream.  Especially with all the new flavors there are now.  I like to think of Blue Bell Ice Cream flavors as personalities.  For Instance Homemade Vanilla is just plain, but still delicious.  Then you really are crazy with the Cookie Dough Overload! 

I cannot tell a lie, it is super hard for me to choose just one favorite ice cream flavor.  If I go to an ice cream shop and get a scoop, I usually opt for Mink Chocolate Chip.  There's just something about that mint flavor in a waffle cone that gives me goose bumps.  But, I have to agree with my partner Critter, in Summer, there is nothing like Peach and Homemade Vanilla.  I couldn't find it anywhere last year.  We had someone suggest Braum's, but couldn't find it there either.

I haven't tried the Southern Blackberry Cobbler flavor, but my favorite dessert is Blackberry cobbler, so one would have to assume that it is to die for, right? I have it on my list.  We were lucky enough to taste the Red Velvet Cake flavor, and it is amazing!  Strawberry always a favorite as well, with it's chucks of the red deliciousness mixed through!

So, I ask you, if you had to choose a flavor that would identify you, would if be sweet Southern Georgia Peach, Smooth as velvet Red Velvet Cake, or maybe a little chunky Cookie Dough Overload?  Take your look at the descriptions straight from Blue Bell, and take our poll!  It's just for fun, no judging here! Feel free to choose more than one!

Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavors



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