Since it's the season of "someone's fur baby got out" in Lawton, there's a little debate happening in the back pages of social media... Is it fair to shoot a dog that's being aggressive while you're walking/running/riding the city streets?

All in all, I don't think you could really blame someone in a true case of self-defense... That being said, there might be a better way to deal with the rampant loose and stray pet problems we see in this town.

I will fully admit, while I love dogs, I'm scared of dogs. I was never allowed pets growing up so I never passed up the chance to pet everyone else's dogs in the neighborhood when I was young.

On a few different occasions, I was the unlucky one that got bit. I've had bites on my hands, legs, and even once on my face. Every time it happened I was the strange face in the group checking out the new puppies. Even I can't blame a momma dog for defending her pups in that situation... but it left a long-lasting impression on me to be wary of dogs I don't know.

In my neighborhood, stray dogs seem to run around all the time. They'll often run up to me while I'm mowing or working out in the garage. I don't care how often it has happened, I still can't get used to it... but even when there's some barking and a little growling, my instinct isn't to reach for a gun. I actually carry dog treats in my pocket as an everyday carry item, or at least I have some sitting on my workbench in the garage just in case today is the day Kujo is going to find me.

After years and years of watching that dog whisperer dude trying to make peace with the canines, I realized that even the most aggressive dogs just need a little distraction to change their whole demeanor. You'd be amazed how effective a cheap little dog biscuit can be. All of a sudden you're pals, or at least they'll take off and continue on their journey to find home again.

Even though it's one of my more recent theories on aggressive dogs, I think these pups are more confused than anything. They're lost, can't find their home, it has to be frustrating at the least... Just like us when we get frustrated, we lash out... but if the chocolate and wine can calm my other half down, it has to work for the roaming puppers too.

While I wouldn't fault someone for being forced to defend themselves, there's always an option to deescalate a situation before it gets to that point.

If you walk and run the Lawton streets, you might consider picking up some cheap treats. I can't imagine the hoops our local legal system would have you jumping through for something that should be clear-cut and simple... Try a little sugar before you go straight to hot lead.

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