If driving on the highway gives you anxiety, this isn’t going to help. 

We’ve all been there. Driving in heavy traffic on the interstate pacing at around five miles per hour over the speed limit when suddenly someone flies by everyone else as if they’re sitting still. 

It always seems like there are never any police around when it happens. But every now and then those reckless, impatient drivers get what they have coming to them – a big, fat fine and maybe even a little jail time.

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But then again, having to shell out a few hundred bucks or cooling your heels in a jail cell for a minute beats the hell out of taking a dirt nap. 

The thing is, often times those drivers end up leading to others on the highway being seriously injured or killed. It’s one thing to not care about your own life, but when you put other peoples’ lives at risk, that’s a whole different story. 

The highway is dangerous enough at the set speed limit. But getting into a wreck while going around 100 miles per hour is almost certain to be catastrophic. 

The Calera Police Department shared a picture of an officer’s radar gun with a reading of 97 mph and a vehicle pulled over in front of them. Hopefully, the driver will learn their lesson and will obey the speed limit from now on. 

It just might save someone’s life in the future.

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