Texas has been experiencing a variety of crazy weather evens from tornados, hail, wind, and lots of rain.

While it is to be expected during this time of year, there are certain things that come as a surprise. Including a video of three fish seemingly walking, more like crawling, across a road after some heavy rain.

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Not only is it weird to see fish on land in general, but it is the way they are literally using their fins to walk, not just flop around, and strategically make it to water on the other side of the road. Plus, they are doing so in a very orderly line.

It’s as if the biggest one said, “I’ll take the lead. You two follow me,” and they went on their merry way across the road.

The comments on the video are extra funny, including statements about this being evolution in real-time.

Honestly, I don’t even know what I would do if I saw this in person. I give major props to the person that thought to pull out their phone and film, because I probably would have been so stunned that I would just stand their staring.

Wondering what kind of fish can walk around like that, I did some digging and found that they are likely ‘Climbing Perch’, a type of fish that can ‘walk’ on land and are found in a variety of bodies of water.

Whatever type of fish it is, I think we are all asking ourselves, “Why did the fish cross the road?”

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