Adam Doleac and his wife, MacKinnon, are parents-to-be. The country couple have announced to People that they're expecting their first child next spring.

MacKinnon also revealed the sweet and spur-of-the-moment way she told her husband she was pregnant, explaining that while she always figured she'd plan a grand, romantic reveal, what really happened was much simpler.

"We were obviously wanting to start a family and super excited. I know that Adam always had this idea that I'd have this really special, elaborate way to tell him that we're pregnant," she recalls. "But because it was such a shock, I didn't really tell him I was taking a test. I thought for sure it was going to be negative, so then I ended up coming downstairs while he was watching a football game."

"I was like, 'Babe!' and he turned around and I handed him the pregnancy test," MacKinnon continues. "Not as cute and sentimental as we thought, but that's probably just because I was in shock."

Now 25 weeks into MacKinnon's pregnancy, the couple chose to keep their happy news to themselves for a while.

"We have really enjoyed having a little bit of a secret from the world for 25 weeks," Doleac says, adding that when they have told friends and family, they've come up with "big, dramatic, romantic" reveal ideas.

"When we told our parents, we came up with different really cool, unique ways. For my dad, he loves to listen to new demos of songs that I've written, so I acted like it was a demo, and me and MacKinnon actually recorded a message for my family telling them we're pregnant," he says.

"For her mom and dad, we got a waiter to write it on a dessert plate when we were out to dinner one night," the singer continues. "So we've had fun telling people in different ways."

Despite the fact that the timing of MacKinnon's pregnancy came as a little bit of a surprise, the couple has planned on having a family since the beginning. In an Instagram post, Doleac shared a carousel of maternity shots spotlighting his wife's baby bump, and gushed about how excited he is to be a dad.

"We have talked about this day since the very first night we met," he writes. "... I'm trying to play it cool right now but I have NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED AB ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!!!!"

The newest addition to the Doleac family is due in March 2024. The couple haven't shared the baby's sex or exact due date.

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