Zach Bryan's upcoming "Nine Ball" music video will feature a very familiar face: Matthew McConaughey.

On Tuesday (Jan. 30), the singer hopped on social media to share his big news, sharing an image in the style of a retro movie poster that reads, "McConaughey starring in in Zach Bryan's Nine Ball," along with the lyric, "My father was a betting man."

"Coming soon and written with care," Bryan adds in the caption of his post. "Thank you to every single cameraman and set-hand that shared the weight, you're all incredible."

The team-up with McConaughey isn't entirely out of left field: Bryan's a longtime fan of the movie star, according to a mid-January Instagram post where he shared some photos of the two of them hanging out in a pool hall together (presumably to film the music video).

At the time, Bryan teased something in the works, but didn't state explicitly what he and McConaughey were up to.

"For all the advice and believing in something I cared enough to write about, you'll always have a friend in me," Bryan wrote in the caption of that post. "And for once it was an honor to meet a hero."

He hasn't shared many details about the music video itself, but from the looks of the poster and caption that accompanies it, quite a bit of thought went into the concept. The photos of Bryan and McConaughey from mid-January show them at a pool hall, and also show a streak of (presumably fake) blood running down McConaughey's forehead.

Bryan's got a busy 2024 ahead: The singer's Quittin Time Tour, a trek he'd already expanded once before the year even began, kicks off in late March.

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