A bride on Reddit purposely chose a revealing bridesmaid dress in hopes that her sister-in-law would drop out of her bridal party. Her story sparked an intense debate on the forum.

"My soon-to-be husband has a sister [Mia]. Now Mia and I do not click very well. I am polite but I wouldn’t say we are friends. I felt I was forced by his family to make her a bridesmaid or she would be sad. I am going to be blunt, Mia is fat and very insecure about it. This has led bridesmaid dresses shopping to be a nightmare," she wrote.

"Never could find something she wants and all the other bridesmaids and me liking it. So I gave everyone two options to vote on. Option one was getting a dress that can be styled multiple ways, or picking from a collection so everyone matches but they will need to pay for it. Option two was I will buy everyone’s dress but what I choose and my decision is final," the bride-to-be continued.

The bridesmaids voted for her to pay for the dresses, so she chose the dress and specifically selected one that would be unflattering on her sister-in-law.

"I picked out a blue strapless dress with a mini slit. I really like it and I knew Mia would have an issue with it. I sent a picture to all the bridesmaids and confirmed the right size before I ordered it. This is where it blew up. Mia was pissed I picked a revealing dress. This resulted in an argument where she thinks I am a huge jerk and I told her she can step down if she has issues with the dress," the bride shared.

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In the comments, Reddit users empathized with the bride for not wanting her sister-in-law in her bridal party, but many slammed her for going about it in a cruel way.

"[You're the a--hole] in every way. You chose the dress with the sole purpose of bullying her into dropping out. If you don't want her as a bridesmaid, use your big girl words. Don't act like a middle school mean girl," one person wrote.

"I got married in 2015 and had friggin' eight bridesmaids... it is impossible to find one singular dress that fits eight people well. I think she went above and beyond to do what she did, letting them choose," another argued.

"Passive aggressive behavior makes her [the a--hole]. She should have been upfront. Plus, she's being pretty unkind about another person's insecurities," someone else commented.

"Mia sounds difficult, but if you didn't want her to be a bridesmaid you just... shouldn't have made her one. There were a million diplomatic ways to do it: 'I have a limited number of spots for bridesmaids and I want the women closest to me to fill those spots, but I am excited to have you as a guest at my wedding and to get to know you better' would've done the job nicely. Or you could have even told her during the dress shopping process that her refusal to agree on anything was making things difficult and it may be better if she just attended as a guest and could then wear what she wants. Your approach, however, is pretty passive aggressive," another user reasoned.

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