A person on Reddit is threatening to call off their wedding if their fiancé doesn't learn to dance.

In their post, the person says that they have been with their fiancé for four years and engaged for three months.

"We are from opposite sides of the world originally but live in the UK. My country has many many national dances that involve quick footwork and jumping etc.. I have never asked him to learn them as quick because I can’t even do them myself, but there is one standard dance that is very easy, minimal effort and he has seen me dance this many times. I expressed that I would like him to learn it and have tried to teach him many times but he has ignored me because of his ‘bad legs,'" their post began.

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That's when the person revealed that their fiancé wants them to learn his dances too.

"I told him I don’t expect him to learn all different versions of our dances as I don’t even know them myself but as a respect for me and my culture he can at least try. He’s still set on the no. Of course I will be dancing to his countries music, despite being uncomfortable as it’s his p----s on my a-s in front of our whole families. Anyway since I have to go ahead and embarrass myself like that but he’s refusing to learn a simple dance, I told him the wedding won’t go on." the person continued.

People in the comments section of the post were divided about who was in the wrong in this situation.

"Either NTAH or you’re both TAH. Sounds like you both should reconsider planned dance performances. This isn’t dancing with the stars and it doesn’t sound like either of you really have your heart in it," one person said.

"This lack of ability to negotiate compromise does not bode well for your marriage," another person shared.

"I do not think you are an AH for wanting him to make effort...but if he cannot take time to learn a short dance that means something to you on your wedding, one you have talked about and expressed how important it is and all he wants is what you can do for him...OP, I would not marry him. Period. End of story," someone else said.

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