A man confessed on Reddit that his friend is irate with him after he decided to ditch his upcoming wedding as alcohol will not be served.

"My buddy (33M) is getting married to a girl that our friend group is not in love with. He loves her though so we support him. We have known for months this was a new years eve wedding," he wrote. " I RSVP'd yes months ago with my wife. Several friends and I operated under the assumption that there would be booze at the wedding, especially considering it is on New Years Eve."

He recently found out that it will be a "dry wedding" as his fiancée and her family don't want alcohol to be there.

"I asked my wife if she knew this and said no and was pissed. I texted the groom and asked. He confirmed this. I told him this is something you should have told us a long time ago," he recalled. "I told him that my wife and I wouldn't be going. We want to spend the night drinking."

He continued, "I texted the rest of my friends about this and oh boy, the group chat went off. This led to several more people backing out. This is not how a bunch of us expected to spend New Years Eve."

Only four of the 12 that are in the wedding group chat are planning on still attending.

"Groom buddy reached out to me and went off. Pretty much he is now overspending on catering, he is having 20ish less guests show up than planned and this is all last minute," he added. "I've been called an a--hole among other things for 'leading the charge' in people not going to the wedding."

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In the comments, Reddit users blasted the man for not being there for his friend on his special day.

"I love drinking and hate a dry wedding as much as the next guy, but you can show up to the wedding ceremony, spend an hour or two at the reception and then go get black out drunk if that is an absolute must for you. Backing out last minute and letting your friend know he's not worth two hours of sobriety means YTA by miles and miles," one person wrote.

"If drinking means more to you than a friendship, you might need to evaluate a few things," another user chimed in.

"The groom needs to get better friends than this bunch of a--holes," a third person commented.

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