A man on Reddit says he is refusing to go to his sister's wedding after she insulted his wife.

"I come from an intellectually pretentious family. I married into a very blue collar family. Throughout my adult life, my older sister has always disapproved of my partners. I met my wife when she was in college and I was in the Navy. My sister immediately disliked the bubbly and unfiltered college girl and determined my future wife was untrustworthy and dragging me down," he wrote.

"Four years ago my wife suffered a traumatic brain injury. It occurred right around the time we conceived our second child so we chalked off the dizziness, headaches and other symptoms to her pregnancy. Nearly a year postpartum the symptoms hadn't improved and she started scheduling medical appointments to get checked out," he continued.

After an exhausting amount of tests, it was determined his wife "has a rare neurological condition" that even he doesn't "fully understand." She retired and was classified as a disabled vet.

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"During this whole process my sister's way of being supportive was to tell me it's probably nothing and not to worry about it. This past weekend I was chatting with my sister. My wife had gotten a holiday job helping deliver packages but called out on Black Friday to stay at her parent's longer," he explained.

His sister made a flippant comment about his wife "suddenly being sick when she doesn't feel like working," and claimed his wife did the same thing to retire from the Navy.

"As is the habit in my family, I replied with equally snarky jabs, reminding my sister, who is a nephrologist [kidney specialist], that my wife injured her head, not her kidneys, and she doesn't know what she's talking about. My sister claimed it took too long because my wife was 'doctor shopping' for the diagnosis she wanted," he shared.

"I had confronted my sister and my mother in the past about their accusations that my wife was 'milking the system' and needed to 'suck it up.' After some very heated exchanges they had gotten better about keeping their thoughts to themselves (a feat with my family) but this one pulled no punches," the man continued.

Now, unless his sister "apologizes and admits she doesn't know anything about [his] wife's medical history," the man is refusing to attend his sister's upcoming wedding.

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In the comments, Reddit users rallied behind the man, with many slamming his sister for her behavior toward his wife.

"Your family isn't just pretentious. They're judgmental and unkind. Your wife doesn't deserve that," one person wrote.

"So your sister, who attended medical school, graduated and then chose to become a specialist in a particular field can't comprehend that a rare condition which has been verified by specialists in their own fields exists? Glad she's not my doctor. Cut the whole lot out and go low to no contact. Why keep exposing your wife to a--holes?" another commented.

"Yes, tell your sister that she is the reason people with invisible disabilities take so long to get diagnosed ... arrogant doctors who think patients are making stuff up simply because they don’t immediately recognize the condition and are too lazy and lacking in intellectual curiosity to investigate properly. I wonder how many patients she’s falsely dismissed over the years who were later diagnosed by more diligent doctors," someone else weighed in.

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