Halloween is rapidly approaching and some families are going all out when it comes to decorating their yard.

One family decided to hand this fixture or creature from a tree in their yard, and now some are saying that it seems to be racist.

The family, who reside in Bartow County (Georiga), used dark clothes and gloves when constructing this fixture and some in the community say it resembles a black person hanging from the tree.

Bartow News 1
Bartow News 1

The mother told a local news media outlet that the clothing used was old clothing her husband was going to throw away, so they used it, not thinking that it may offend some.

One neighbor finds this piece of Halloween decor to be so offensive that she ripped it down herself. The family who hung it put it back in the tree.

Take a look for yourself and you decide if this resembles a black person hanging from a tree in Georgia.

A local pastor did suggest that they find another way to hang it, and not hang the fixture from its neck.


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