The has always given fans a chance to get an inside look at what life is like for an NFL player. The popular show Hard Knocks allows fans to get a look at what training camp is like for an NFL team as they follow some of the game’s biggest stars. It shows the hard decisions a coach has to make when deciding final roster spots, not to mention the hard work and dedication that comes with the job. The NFL has decided to create a new series that will follow the game’s most “important” position, the Quarterback.

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Netflix announced that they will release on new series called “Quarterback” on July 12th. The series will follow the 2022 season of the Vikings, Kirk Cousins, the Falcons’, Marcus Mariota, and the Chiefs’, Patrick Mahomes. Today, Netflix dropped the trailer for their brand-new documentary.

A film crew followed the three quarterbacks throughout the 2022 season and fans will get an inside look at how they prepare for gameday and juggle the everyday duties of being a husband or father. Fans will also get an inside look into the lives of these NFL QBs as their families will also be featured in the series. This is a great way of humanizing the stars we root for on Sundays. The trailer has a lot of positive feedback from fans with a lot of them asking for their favorite QB to be next on the list.

This series looks like it will be a lot of fun to watch as well as gaining great perspective on the life of an NFL quarterback. So now I will turn the question to you Saints fans, do you think Derek Carr would be a great candidate for this show? The show could dive into what it was like for Carr to play in Vegas among all the chaos he experienced in the organization as well as having to bear the pressure of not turning out as a bust like his brother was labeled to be. I would love to see it, what do you think?

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