Country up-and-comer Jacob Davis has announced the release of his debut EP. The What I Wanna Be EP is scheduled for release on March 24.

On Wednesday (March 8), Davis shared the details of his debut EP with Country Fancast. The project will contain five tracks, including Davis' debut single, "What I Wanna Be." That song will impact country radio on March 27.

“I feel like the country music lane is continuing to broaden … and I’m happy to be a part of it,” Davis says. “Being able to put my Louisiana roots into my music has always been my goal … and I think we’ve done that with “What I Wanna Be.””

A Shreveport, La., native, Davis  — who has been named one of Taste of Country’s RISERS — earned a degree in environmental science, with a focus on geology, from Louisiana State University, and went to work for an oil company before making the move to Nashville to focus on his music career. He signed with Black River Entertainment in 2016.

“They put me on an oil rig, working on the night shift. I realized real quick I’d made a mistake,” Davis recalls. “I did that, and I wanted to quit immediately, but my parents were really stern on giving this company a year … But while working there, I learned how to get up and go to work, how to be on time and how to pay my bills. So I feel like I grew up a lot in that year, and then moved to Nashville.”

Jacob Davis, What I Wanna Be EP Track Listing:

1. “What I Wanna Be”
2. “James Brown”
3. “Up In Arms”
4. “High Definition”
5. “Real Love”

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