Jana Kramer is weathering a new wave of infidelity rumors concerning her husband, former NFL athlete Mike Caussin.

Has the actress and country singer's husband cheated on her yet again?

That's what a recent DM to the One Tree Hill alum and former Dancing With the Stars competitor would have had her believe. As Kramer revealed during a recent episode of the couple's Whine Down podcast, she recently received a social media message claiming that her husband had again stepped out on her.

In the past, the mode of communication alone might've sent up a red flag, because she's been there before.

"The reason why it caught me off guard was because the very first time I found out Mike cheated on me was through a DM," Kramer explains on the podcast, as reported by Fox News. "Automatically, I'm in freakout mode."

But it appears that the couple's commitment to each other is now strong enough to withstand such talk. The DM, indicated by Kramer to be nothing but a rumor, didn't make a ding in the twosome's armor this time around.

As part of the recent podcast episode, Kramer and her husband "talked about an incident that happened on my social media a few weeks ago that could have caused a massive explosion," she summarizes via Instagram on Monday (Oct. 12). "It's sad people feel the need to hurt others."

But the revived gossip concerning a possible indiscretion didn't fool Kramer, who said she sees Caussin, "working his program, I see him showing up as a father and as a husband, and I see his words matching his actions. How he is showing up looks differently than before, which helps me trust him."

Kramer and Caussin married in 2015, but their relationship has experienced its fair share of hiccups. Undoubtedly, Caussin has been unfaithful at times — after all, he publicly admitted to cheating before. The pair briefly separated in 2016 before renewing their wedding vows the following year. Last month, Kramer herself confessed to a series of "flings and flirts" that took place during the separation.

But that's all in the past. For now, at least, it appears that the couple is remaining faithful to each other. The two illustrated that renewed commitment in Caussin's baptism ceremony earlier this year, the husband's submersion embodying a show of faithfulness to Kramer.

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