So why do we celebrate Halloween? Well other than the obvious, it's fun and everyone likes parties and candy. This video tells the story of "All Hallow's Eve" from it's very beginning to today. Hit play and learn something new about the holiday and where it came from. You might be surprised.

Halloween in my opinion is one of the greatest holidays of all, and yes for me it's a holiday not just something to do before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I spend the entire month of October watching horror and monster movies, eating candy, having movie marathons with friends and family and of course on the big night "Halloween" handing out treats to all the kids who come to the door. I love Halloween!

This History Channel documentary on Halloween answers a lot of the questions about the holiday. Like why do we carve pumpkins, wear masks and pass out candy? It traces the holiday all the way back to it's very beginning thousands of years ago. Yes it's that old, one of the oldest holidays we celebrate and observe. While Halloween may or may not have some sinister meaning, to me it's all about having a good time and getting some scares in. It's more than just one night, it's weeks and weeks of fun!

Whatever your plans are for this Halloween whether it's just a one night or an entire month celebration I hope you have a great one. This year we could all use a little fun and distraction with everything that's going on, especially the kids. I really hope to see a lot of trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood this year. I'll have plenty of candy to go around and what's not given out I'll eat until I'm sick.

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