Jana Kramer agonized over whether to sell certain pieces of jewelry husband Mike Caussin gave her, but when it came to her wedding ring, the only hard decision was what to do with the money.

During a recent episode of her Whine Down podcast, the singer and actor says she flirted with the idea of buying a divorce present, like perhaps a bag. However, the money she made was enough to do something more practical. Caussin got to keep the furniture, per their divorce settlement, so she redesigned the whole home, saying new energy in the house would make her happiest.

"So I took that money and gave it to (interior designers)," she says (per People).

"This was our house and we made memories here," Kramer adds (per Fox News). "I needed to create a new space that felt like me and felt like mine ... So now, I have someone over right now painting the bar room. I'm going to make it this really cool, girlie wine bar. So that's helped me a lot."

The wedding ring wasn't the only bauble Kramer says she sold: There was a bracelet that Caussin gave her after they released their book that she really struggled with letting go of.

"I wanted to keep it so bad because it was such a f----ng pretty bracelet, but it represented something that was not true," she shares.

Kramer, 37, and Caussin, 34, separated in April, listing adultery and inappropriate marital conduct as the reasons in the divorce paperwork. Kramer hasn't gone into detail about what she discovered during any subsequent episodes of her podcast, and Caussin (who more or less co-hosted the show with her) hasn't returned.

These are the second set of cheating allegations against him. In 2016, the couple split when Kramer discovered he'd been unfaithful. The subsequent therapy and counseling was a topic that drove their podcast and the 2020 memoir. After the first incident, Kramer says she sold her wedding ring and all the diamonds he'd ever given her. When Caussin re-proposed to her, he presented her a new ring.

In recent weeks, Kramer has been spotted with a new man, podcast host Graham Bunn. The pair are longtime friends who are now treading the line of friendship. She calls it an "entanglement." There are no pictures of the two of them together on their personal social media pages, but the U.S. Sun has a few pictures that indicate more than friends.

"We're dancing the line of friends. We're dancing the line and I am happy," Kramer says.

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