Late last week on Friday (06-11-21) the big topic of discussion was Lawton City Councilman Jay Burk. The news broke that he's currently under investigation by the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation). There's been all kinds of talk and rumors about this. It's looking and sounding like it will continue to be discussed around the water cooler until the investigation is officially over and we get the details. The City of Lawton has posted a statement on their Facebook page about the investigation.

When the news first broke I guess it was incorrectly reported that both Jay Burk and a city clerk were being investigated by the OSBI. Since then the City of Lawton has announced that no clerks are being investigated. Below is the statement from the City of Lawton's Official Facebook page:

"The Lawton City Clerk is NOT under investigation by OSBI; this was inaccurately reported by KSWO 7News this afternoon and brought to the attention of City Management. City Management contacted OSBI officials to confirm that there is no investigation involving this City staff member."

"It should also be clarified that OSBI has been contacted to conduct an investigation in regard to a threat made to Councilman Jay Burk, Ward 4, at the request of the Lawton Legal Department. The City of Lawton does not comment on ongoing investigations."

Not too sure exactly what is being investigated. Does it have to do with the recent Southwest Ledger lawsuit against Jay Burk over the "Open Records Act" or something else? Possibly the supposed threat against Jay Burk that was mentioned above in the city's statement? I guess we'll know so enough. One thing we do know, there's plenty of quote "undisclosed allegations" of impropriety that have surfaced.

More than likely it has to do with the lawsuit. Back in April Southwest Ledger filed the suit against both the City of Lawton and Councilman Jay Burk. The suit claims that the city and Councilman Burk violated the "Open Records Act" after refusing to provide requested documents and phone records to Southwest Ledger.

At this time the City of Lawton and Councilman Burk haven't complied or handed over the requested materials. Transparency has always been an issue with our city government and council, or at the very least that's the perception. As the old saying goes: "Perception is reality, until proven otherwise."

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