Every parent can relate to what Jason Aldean is going through with his 2-year-old son, Memphis.

The singer and his wife have a boy that likes to tidy. That's a good thing, right? Talking to Taste of Country Nights hosts Evan and Amber, he shared how his son takes things too far and tries to throw everything in the trash, or worse. One figures it's a little easier on the road because the trash can is smaller. But it also gets emptied more frequently, too, so maybe it's a wash.

Aldean's kids, his wife Brittany and their new house (it's huge!) are some of the personal things the singer gets into during this conversation. Of course, he talks about his new album, 9, too, and reveals how the title pays a subtle tribute to something George Strait did three decades ago.

Below are five things we learned from Aldean, starting with Brittany's least favorite songs on the album (hint: she doesn't love "We Back") and including the 42-year-old's very good habit when it comes to getting behind the wheel of his truck. An early game of Flip Cup put him on task. It's the same game you play at tailgates, except instead of drinking, we made him answer awkward questions provided by host Evan Paul's mom.

Check Out 5 Things We Learned From Jason Aldean's TOC Nights LIVE Interview: 

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