Justin Moore has released an inspirational video of sorts for those guys trying to nab the girl of their dreams. Press play above to watch Moore's new "Somebody Else Will" music video.

Moore's "Somebody Else Will" clip features an attractive, motorcycle-riding woman and a firefighting man, who end up at the same nightclub. When the woman enters the venue, all eyes are on her, and while the firefighter is hesitant to make his move, others are jockeying for a shot, too; throughout it all, shots of Moore singing under neon lights are interspersed.

“Somebody else will if I don’t / Walk up and ask you your name right now / Offer to buy you a drink / Sit down and tell you your looks could kill,” sings Moore in the chorus of "Somebody Else Will." “Somebody else will if I don’t / Take a chance on your lips / Lean in slowly, stealin’ your kiss like this / Makin’ your world stand still / Somebody else will.”

Fortunately, the man in this clip heeds the song's warning, and there's a positive ending. The video was directed by Shane Drake, whom Moore says "always does a great job of getting shots of me that portray the music, and that’s a talent.”

"This song is super freaking cool, and for this shoot day, I really wanted to match that with the visuals," Drake explains in a press release. "We are in a VIP underground club that has a futuristic / neon / Bladerunner vibe, which you don’t typical associate with country.”

“Somebody Else Will” is the latest single off of Moore's chart-topping album Kinda Don’t Care; the song was written by Kelly Archer, Adam Hambrick and Tebey Ottoh.

Moore recently hit the road with Lee Brice for a their co-headlining American Made Tour. "Somebody Else Will" (and the rest of Kinda Don't Care) is available on iTunes.

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