It was bound to happen. Kane Brown sold his truck and bought a Tesla a little over a year ago, as a way to get his family around a little bit more sensibly. Kids make messes, however, and Kingsley Rose made a big one.

You see, KB, this is why you can't have nice things!

The story actually ends well, but you don't need to be too imaginative to appreciate Brown's inner turmoil. He's something of a car and truck guy, with a small fleet of souped-up vehicles at one time or another. They're important to him, and with several hits under his belt, he has the means to buy a car like a Tesla. Thankfully, he can also afford to get it cleaned.

"I think it was last month, Katelyn and her mom took the Tesla," Brown begins, talking to Taste of Country Nights, "And (Kingsley) got sick in the carseat and threw up everywhere."

The interior of a Tesla is a synthetic leather and, in general, it's not the kind of car you love for kid spills and accidents. The singer first told Taste of Country Nights about buying it in March 2020:

Like we said, this story has a happy ending, and Brown won't need to spend royalties on songs like "Worship You" or anything he might have coming in the future on a good detailing.

"They just threw the car seat away," he says, smiling. "Luckily, it all stayed in the car seat."

Brown will leave his fleet at home beginning Sept. 2, when the Worldwide Beautiful Tour begins. Then, in October, his Blessed & Free Tour will fire up, keeping him busy through the fall. His family will be with him some of the time, but life on the road is not a party for Katelyn. With their daughter in bed by seven, she's usually sleeping by the time the headliner finishes his show at 10 or 11PM.

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